HHO Kit for Auto - 225 CC

January 16, 2022 at 10:26 PMTiaano

Tiaano is the manufacturing company of HHO kit, By the HHO (Oxy Hydrogen) Kit mileage of the vehicles will increase 25 to 35%. It will reduce the fuel usage and increase the engine efficiency.  Water is used to reduce the fuel usage.

Tiaano HHO Kit Specification




Model No.

Tiaano HHO/DD/NS-7


For Engine CC

150 - 225


For Vehicles

Bike and Auto



12 V


Tiaano HHO/DD/NS-7 is used for the bike and auto, because it is acceptable for 150 CC to 225 CC. The electrode is made up of titanium electrode with Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Coating. Because of this, no need any other chemicals and distilled water is the input for always. The life time of the kit is 25 years due to the usage of Titanium electrodes. The power supply of the kit can be taken from the battery available in the vehicles. 12V Supply is enough for upto 1500 CC vehicles. Upto 2500 CC vehicle kit can be adjustable for 12-24 V power supply. More than 2500 CC vehicles like bus or lorry kit need 24V supply.

According to the design, the rated vehicles such as bike and auto kit have a transparent outer shell; by this we can find the water level. It is in small size, easily portable. Less maintenance will be needed.


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