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Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Titanium anode Fabricators in India. Oxy Hydrogen Kit is one of the innovative ideas of them. They built the kit with Titanium electrodes. They were using the Titanium for the long life of the kit also they are expert in making the Titanium anodes.

The Oxy Hydrogen Kit is used to reduce the fuel usage in all type of vehicles. They had the standard design and price list from 100 CC onwards. Kits available for heavy duty vehicles also. They are providing the HHO kit not only for the vehicles for the Generators also. Oxy Hydrogen generators are used for the number of purposes. Which are,

·         Improve the engine efficiency

·         Reduce the carbon deposit in Engine

·         Increase the engine efficiency

Flash arrester

Some of them having the doubts about the HHO getting flash on that but this is totally wrong. In Oxy Hydrogen Kit, no flash will be generated why because 100 percent generated hydrogen can be fed into the engine and the hydrogen can be combust with the fraction of seconds and so no need flash arrester. The flash can be arrested automatically.

Moisture arrester

The moisture can arrest 98% and the 2% or below 2% moisture maybe drawn and there is no need of moisture arrester in this system.

Thus the way the HHO system or Oxy Hydrogen system of Tiaano had successfully working in lot customer’s vehicles in now a days.


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