Mixed Metal Oxide Titanium Mesh Anode for Jewelry Plating

September 16, 2021 at 6:41 PMTiaano

A MMO titanium anode is simply a titanium, coated with Mixed Metal Oxides. MMO titanium anodes act as inert anodes and are non-consumable and long lasting. These anodes are insoluble in the electrolyte in electrolysis.

Because of a very flexible production facility, we (Tiaano) are able to manufacture anodes of all types: sheet, plate, mesh, wire, rod, tubular with the minimum size 25 x 25 mm.

Typical Applications of MMO Anodes are ….

Gold plating-Jewellery Jewels

Gold electroforming,

Printed circuit board industries

Chrome plating, Hard Chrome plating

Rhodium plating, Iron plating

Anodising plant, Copper plating, Silver plating,

Sensing elements,

Electro refining or, Electro galvanizing,

Palladium plating, Nickel/Zinc/Tin plating etc…

Purpose of Electroplating:-

There are several reasons why you might want to coat a conductive surface with metal. Silver plating and gold plating of jewelry or silverware typically are performed to improve the appearance and value of the items. Chromium plating improves the appearance of objects and also improves its wear. Zinc or tin coatings may be applied to confer corrosion resistance. Sometimes, electroplating is performed simply to increase the thickness of an item.

How does Gold plating Work?

To understand the concept of Gold Plating or Jewelry Plating, a layer of gold is to be electrodeposited on metallic jewelry to enhance its appearance.

Usually, the gold plating is connected to the anode (+ve charged electrode) of the circuit and the jewellery is kept at the cathode (-ve charged electrode). Both are kept immersed in a highly developed electrolytic bat (solution). At this stage, a DC current is supplied to the anode that oxidizes the gold atoms and dissolves them into the solution. The dissolved ions of gold are reduced at the cathode and plated on the jewelry.


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