March 17, 2022 at 7:40 PMTiaano

Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Titanium anode Fabricators in India. Oxy Hydrogen Kit is one of the innovative ideas of them. They built the kit with Titanium electrodes. They were using the Titanium for the long life of the kit also they are expert in making the Titanium anodes.

The Oxy Hydrogen Kit is used to reduce the fuel usage in all type of vehicles. They had the standard design and price list from 100 CC onwards. Kits available for heavy duty vehicles also. They are providing the HHO kit not only for the vehicles for the Generators also. Oxy Hydrogen generators are used for the number of purposes. Which are,

·         Improve the engine efficiency

·         Reduce the carbon deposit in Engine

·         Increase the engine efficiency

Flash arrester

Some of them having the doubts about the HHO getting flash on that but this is totally wrong. In Oxy Hydrogen Kit, no flash will be generated why because 100 percent generated hydrogen can be fed into the engine and the hydrogen can be combust with the fraction of seconds and so no need flash arrester. The flash can be arrested automatically.

Moisture arrester

The moisture can arrest 98% and the 2% or below 2% moisture maybe drawn and there is no need of moisture arrester in this system.

Thus the way the HHO system or Oxy Hydrogen system of Tiaano had successfully working in lot customer’s vehicles in now a days.


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Titanium Rod – Tie Rod for Electrolysis Equipment

March 15, 2022 at 11:09 AMTiaano

Titanium Rod is a very popular go-to for many products and Chemical Process application. It is used where corrosion resistance is an important criterion. It lends itself to a multitude of products, from fasteners to jewelry also connecting rods. It provides a lighter weight material and higher strength.

Titanium is a low density material, which means that it is ideally meant for chemical process applications that require lightweight components. One industry that makes use of the Titanium Fasteners is the aerospace industry. Since the vehicle has to gain momentum at a rapid pace, using lighter weighing Aerospace Titanium Fasteners aids it to achieve that. The density of the material is lower than that of stainless steel alloys.

Advantages of Titanium Low weight, Good current resistance, Long operating life, maintenance free, economical, high dimensional stability and load resistance, extremely low consumption rate, high chemical stability, high conductivity is provided which resulting in better current distribution entire length of the Rod.


Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Titanium Cylindrical Mesh Anode for Electro Chemical Process

March 14, 2022 at 8:22 PMTiaano

MMO Titanium is mostly used as anAnode during electrochemical process. Titanium has peculiar properties. It is resistant to the passage of current into an electrolyte, but it has low resistivity when a second metal makes contact with it. If an attempt is made to use titanium as an anode in salt water, this resistance to the passage of current into the electrolyte immediately becomes apparent for an increasing anodic current is applied to it, the voltage required to force the current through the surface film rises until at the weakest points the film breaks down and intense local corrosion ensues.

Electrochemical process requires anodes. Mainly Iridium Based or Ruthenium based Titanium Anodes. MMO titanium anodes combine the excellent electrochemical characteristics of MMO with the good corrosion qualities of titanium.

MMO titanium is titanium that has been coated with a very thin layer of MMO, normally by electro decomposition process. The purpose of it is to provide a conducting medium that will not react with electrolytes. Iridium is very inert and doesn't readily react electrochemically, so you can do some very good electrochemistry with it. Titanium is used because of its high conductivity and ease in plating under electro deposition process. 


Titanium Fasteners

February 18, 2022 at 5:50 PMTiaano

Titanium is a low density material, which means that it is ideally meant for chemical process applications that require lightweight components. One industry that makes use of the Titanium Fasteners is the aerospace industry. Since the vehicle has to gain momentum at a rapid pace, using lighter weighing Aerospace Titanium Fasteners aids it to achieve that. The density of the material is lower than that of stainless steel alloys.

Apart from being light in weight, the Titanium Bolts and Fasteners have tensile strength properties, almost like some high quality classes of carbon steel. The corrosion resistance properties of Titanium Aircraft Fasteners extend to media such as aqua regia, seawater, and chlorine. In the aerospace industry, the use of titanium nuts and bolts is considered important because the material exhibits good resistance to both exhaustions, as well as cracking.

Major Benefits of Titanium Fasteners:-

Titanium Fasteners - Titanium has a higher tensile strength

Titanium Fasteners - Resistant to high temperatures

Titanium Fasteners - Moderate ductility and low work hardening rate


Titanium Fasteners - Good fatigue strength


Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Titanium Mesh Anode for Gold Forming

February 18, 2022 at 5:35 PMTiaano

Tiaano Iridium Based MMO coated anodes are designed for use in electro plating baths for Rhodium Plating and or acid-based Gold solutions. The MMO Titanium mesh anodes comes with a stem are suspended in plating baths with the mesh portion immersed in the electroplating solution.

Field of Electro plating Applications:-

Gold plating, Decorative chrome plating, PCB industry, Silver plating, copper plating, instrumentation, platinum plating, electrowinning, rhodium plating, chromium plating, sensing elements, Precious and non- precious metal electroplating, Electronics and semiconductor industry and hard chrome plating.

Advantages of MMO Coated (Iridium Based) Titanium Mesh Anode:-

MMO Coated Titanium Mesh Anode are having longer life & stable operation

Mixed Metal Titanium Mesh Anode are lightweight and easy to handle

MMO Titanium Sheet Electrode needs very minimum maintenance cost

MMO Based Titanium Mesh Electrode are having good electrical conductance

MMO Titanium Sheet anodes meet a wide range of electrolysis needs

Mixed Meal Oxide titanium Mesh anodes required minimum installation time and cost


Titanium Scrap for Industrial Application

February 18, 2022 at 5:26 PMTiaano

Tiaano are offering an outstanding quality Titanium Scraps. These scraps high in quality scraps are widely used by our clients in chemical and petrochemical industries. Offered titanium scrap can be used with a variety of elements & grade1, 2, 5 and 7 with alloy grade titanium, so as to develop strong and lightweight products. This titanium scrap is checked before dispatching

Titanium is an environment friendly and corrosion resistant metal that can be used in aggressive conditions. This eliminates or reduces any type of pollution, metal loss or product contamination.

Titanium can be a very valuable scrap valued metal along with other types of rare alloys. If you aren't sure what kind of material you have, be sure to perform a magnet test on it, the magnet should not stick if it is Titanium.


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Aluminium Electrode for Electro Coagulation Process

February 17, 2022 at 12:40 PMTiaano

Tiaano complete design and manufacturing the Waste Water Treatment Plant, Sewage treatment Plant and Effluent Treatment Plant and its major spares. Aluminium and Titanium Electrode or Electrolyzer is the heart of plant.

The generation of electrochemical oxidants for use in water treatment in industrial plants. Not only are our anodes used in industrial waste water treatment, but they are also used in applications such as process water treatment, the treatment of potable water, water disinfection (for use in the food industry) and extreme water disinfection. The great advantages of this electrolytic generation of oxidants are the ease with which they are handled and most importantly the reliability of the oxidants produced. Aluminium Electrodes involve the treatment of waste water containing inorganic contaminants, such as cyanide and nitrates. Different products are yielded from this electrolysis depending on a number of factors, including pH.

Aluminium Electrodes in Water treatment for Electro Coagulation Process:-

Aluminium Electrode for water electrolysis

Aluminium Electrode for Effluent Treatment

Aluminium Electrode for sewage treatment

Titanium anodes for recycling of waste water

 Aluminium Electrode for Gray Water Treatment


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Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Titanium Mesh and Sheet Anode for Chlorine Generation

February 17, 2022 at 11:39 AMTiaano

Tiaano, a complete design and manufacturing the Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Coated Titanium Anodes and cathodes for the production of Sodium Hypochlorite Generator, On-Site Chlorine Generators, Chlorination Unit and Salt Chlorine

Advantages of MMO (Mixed Metal Oxides) Anodes: MMO anodes having longer life & stable operation, Lightweight and easy to handle, Very minimum maintenance cost, having good electrical conductance and meet a wide range of electrolysis needs. On-site generation is a proven, cost-effective, reliable and safe treatment and bulk sodium hypochlorite disinfection. The Solution destroys all classes of microorganism (Virus / Bacteria / Protozoa).

MMO Coated Titanium Anode for Chlorination System:-

MMO Coated Titanium Anode for Seawater and Salt Water Chlorination System On-Site Chlorine Generator, Chlorination Device, Swimming Pool Salt Chlorine Generator. Electrolytic seawater Sodium Hypochlorite Generator using natural seawater, equipped with high speed and on-site produce Sodium Hypochlorite Solution.

Brine Electrochlorinator using three common consumables: salt, water and electricity.  On-site generation is a proven, cost-effective, reliable and safe treatment and bulk sodium hypochlorite disinfection.


Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Titanium Anode for Ionization

February 17, 2022 at 11:26 AMTiaano

Tiaano, a complete design and manufacturing the Iridium Based MMO Coated Titanium anodes and Iridium Based MMO Coated for Water Ionization and water treatment industrial applications. Iridium Based Titanium Anodes and Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes are found in industrial applications, such as, hypochlorite generation in waste water, in refineries, petrochemical plants and power plants, for potable water supplies and in food processing.

Marine applications include the above as well as use in off shore platforms and the prevention of mussel, barnacle and algal growth on ships hulls. This anodes specially designed for Water Ionizations / Ionizer. Tiaano manufacturing different dimensions and Shapes of MMO electrode for water ionizers. The ionizer uses grade one titanium Anodes and Cathodes to be coated with a good electrical conductor with longevity built to last 10 years that will also not dissolve during electrolysis. Stainless steel was used for Water Ionizer electrodes in the late 1980's and was found not be a suitable material because they did not last more than a few years. The industry began using titanium Anode in the early 1990's because of its design life.


Titanium Sheet for Chemical Process

February 16, 2022 at 10:42 PMTiaano

The strength and low weight of Titanium make it exceptionally unique, and some grades of Titanium can be anywhere from two to four times stronger than some grades of Stainless Steel. These features make Titanium ideal in some aerospace, medical and military applications.

They are also resistant to a number of solutions, and Titanium equipment can often be found in saltwater environments making them perfect for industries like salination, oil and naval. They are resistant to almost every chlorine or chloride solution, including chlorite, hypochlorite, chlorate, perchlorate and chlorine dioxide. If the chlorine is used with the absence of water, or as a gas, this can cause rapid corrosion.

There are, however, downfalls to the material too – they may hold excellent chloride resistance but they are not able to survive in strong acids like hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid, as these substances attack the protective passive layer that Titanium forms when exposed to oxygen and can also cause rapid corrosion.

If you are using Grade 5 Titanium equipment, they are non-ferromagnetic – meaning they are not magnetic or attracted to magnets at any temperature.


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